Annie's Chronicles

Your Easy Guide to Mastering Security!

You’ve decided to join the ranks of cyber defenders, but the tech lingo seems like an alien language? Fear not! Let’s unravel the secrets of cybersecurity for those without a tech background.

1. Cybersecurity Basics 101:

  • Where to Begin: Start with the basics! Platforms like Cybrary, LinkedIn learning, and SANS Security Awareness Training offer beginner-friendly courses on cybersecurity fundamentals. Dive into the terminology, understand the threats, and get comfortable with the digital battleground.

2. Online Courses for Newbies:

  • Coursera’s “Introduction to Cyber Security Specialisation”: This course is tailored for beginners, covering topics from basic cryptography to network security. The interactive lessons make learning a breeze, even for those without a tech background.
  • edX’s “Cybersecurity MicroMasters Program”: This program, offered by top universities, provides a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity. The self-paced structure allows you to learn at your speed.

3. Interactive Platforms for Hands-On Learning:

  • Hack The Box (HTB): Aspiring cyber warriors, welcome to your training ground! HTB offers a hands-on approach to learning by providing real-world scenarios. Solve challenges, crack codes, and emerge as a cybersecurity wizard.
  • OverTheWire: Ready to roll up your sleeves? OverTheWire offers interactive war games to enhance your cybersecurity skills. From basic challenges to advanced missions, it’s a playground for self-learners.

4. YouTube Channels for Visual Learners:

  • Cyber Mentor: With an emphasis on simplicity, Cyber Mentor’s YouTube channel breaks down complex cybersecurity topics. Perfect for visual learners, it covers everything from basic concepts to practical applications.
  • Annie’s Chronicles: My no-nonsense approach is a boon for beginners. My YT channel is still in the making. Keep an eye out and subscribe to my channel for clear explanations and an engaging teaching style to make complex topics digestible.

5. Cybersecurity Communities and Forums:

  • Reddit’s r/cybersecurity and r/netsecstudents: Join the cyber guilds on Reddit! Engage with fellow learners, ask questions, and seek guidance from experienced warriors. The cybersecurity community is known for its camaraderie and willingness to help newcomers.
  • Stack Overflow: When in doubt, turn to the oracle of coding! Stack Overflow is a treasure trove of knowledge. Search for answers to your queries or ask the community for guidance.

6. Certifications Tailored for Beginners:

  • CompTIA Security+: Widely recognised, this entry-level certification doesn’t assume a deep technical background. It covers the essentials of cybersecurity and is a stepping stone for further certifications.
  • Certified in Cybersecurity(CC): CC is perfect for beginners with dedication. It covers a broad spectrum of cybersecurity domains.

7. Podcasts for Learning on the Go:

  • Darknet Diaries: Dive into riveting real-life cybercrime stories. It’s not just entertaining but also a great way to understand the human side of cybersecurity.
  • Cyber Security Sauna: Produced by F-Secure, this podcast explores various cybersecurity topics, making it a perfect companion for your commute or workout.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Embrace the journey, be persistent, and soon you’ll be casting spells to safeguard the digital realms!